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18 March, 2011


apa hal nyo..???
woit melayu...
mano melayu kutuk melayu..???

bondo-bondo macam ni pun ado ko..???
hudah lah kes-kes murtad tak solosai-solosai..
ni pulak ado eeeee nak jadi loya syariah..
gilo ko gilo babi???

hudahlah melayu tipu melayu..
ni nak bagi eeeee pulak nak tipu melayu..
dah kurang "kes" agaknyo...
yg bolah-bolah melayu ni banyak sangat kesnyo..
boleh la buat ringgit-ringgit..

you memang berani punya..
batu berani besar punya kepala duduk..

you memang profesional punya lauya..
tarak kira punya..
sana mau sini pun mau..

ca ya nun alip ckp aarr..
"nang botinang - kui butikui.."

woit jgn sibuk la..
you sapa?? ppooorraaahhh cittt!!!

*kalau berlaku pun tak pelik sbb dunia dah nak menghampiri usia..memang ini antara tanda-tanda..Islam akan ditadbir bercampur dgn org non-Islam..so kalau dah tahu tak kan nak bior kan..
nanti ada pulak kes khalwat ambik lauya ee..kes poligami ambil lauya ee..kes cerai ambik lauya ee..

woit melayu...
mana melayu kutuk melayu...??
mana melayu tipu melayu..??
tak kan senyap..tak da kerandut kaa??

Macam-macam lagi..

semalam jentik dahi kena buang sekolah..
yang ni apa citer???

woit budak...!!!
berenti secara sukarela la..
pegi jepun la tolong tsunami..
ko tak payah belajar la..
lulus takkan punya..

ini yg cikgu takut..
ini mimpi ngeri seorang cikgu..
ini yg cikgu tak nak berlaku..delima seorang cikgu..
kesian cikgu kecik,cikgu besar,warden asrama,lecturer,dekan,pengarah

woit melayu..
mana melayu tipu melayu???
cakap je melayu..

Pakar Radioaktif cakap..

jgn takut..takut jgn sekali..takutlah banyak kali..!!!
radioaktif akan transit ke amerika sebelum ke eropah..

warga amerika boleh sambut ketibaan en radioaktif..
tunggu sahaja di rumah..
tak perlu ke air port..
tak perlu kemana-mana..
iye ke??
kena jugak laa..
alamak !!!
jgn lah ada bomoh dari amerika yg tolak angin ke mari..
woit org kampung..
panggil bomoh angin..
panggil bomoh hujan..
panggil bomoh siam..
tolak angin..tahan angin..
statement pakar nuklear..
"en radioaktif akan terkena hujan..lalu jatuh ke laut"
woit uncle nelayan..
jgn turun ke laut..
jgn pergi memancing..
jgn menjaring..
nanti dapat en radioaktif..
ikan-ikan dalam bahaya..
sotong-sotong dalam bahaya..
dugong-dugong dalam bahaya..
jaga-jaga..cepat-cepat ke darat..!!!
kepada semua berhati-hati lah..
en radioaktif ni tak de kaler..
cukup bahaya..
cukup danger..
mari sama-sama berdoa..
agar keselamatan kita dilindungi olehNYA..

Japan quake

Japan quake: live report

1950 GMT: Obama says he has ordered a "comprehensive review" of US nuclear safety and vows to learn lessons from Japan's nuclear accident.
1945 GMT: "We will stand with the people of Japan as they contain this crisis, recover from this hardship and rebuild their great nation," he says.
1943 GMT: President Barack Obama says he does not expect harmful radiation from Japan's nuclear crisis to reach the United States or any of its territories.
1925 GMT: Obama is due to make remarks on Japan's crisis any minute now in the White House's Rose Garden.
1901 GMT: Welcomed by the ambassador at the Japanese embassy in Washington, Obama inscribes the condolence book placed on a table with a vase of flowers near a Japanese flag.
"Because of the strength and wisdom of its people, we know that Japan will recover and indeed will emerge stronger than ever. And as it recovers, the memory of those who have been lost will remain in our hearts and will serve only to strengthen the friendship between our two countries," he writes."May God bless the people of Japan."
1830 GMT: The Pentagon dispatches a team of experts to evaluate how American forces can assist Japan with the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant.
The nine-member team "will work with the Japanese military and they will provide advice to the (US) commander to determine if any additional US forces are required for that mission," spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan says.
1820 GMT: A study released in the United States says the risk of thyroid cancer among people exposed as children to the nuclear fallout at Chernobyl has not declined nearly 25 years after the disaster.
The National Institutes of Health-led study examined more than 12,500 people who were under 18 at the time of the Chernobyl accident on April 26, 1986, and who lived near the accident site in one of three parts of Ukraine.
Each person's thyroid radioactivity levels were measured within two months of the accident, and they were screened for thyroid cancer four times, beginning as early as 12 years after the disaster and continuing for 10 years.
When researchers examined the cancer risk in relation to how much exposure to radioactive iodine-131 (I-131) each person received, they found a two-fold increase for each additional gray, an international unit of absorbed radiation.
"The researchers found no evidence, during the study time period, to indicate that the increased cancer risk to those who lived in the area at the time of the accident is decreasing over time," says.
1808 GMT: President Barack Obama pays an unannounced visit to the Japanese embassy in Washington to sign a condolence book for victims of the disaster.
Obama is due to make a statement on the attempts by Tokyo to stave off a catastrophe at its damaged nuclear reactors at 3:30 pm (1930 GMT).
1804 GMT: Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which operates the quake-hit Japanese nuclear reactors, opens an official Twitter account, immediately drawing more than 117,000 followers.
"We sincerely apologise for causing serious worries and trouble over the accident at Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant, radiation leak, planned blackouts," TEPCO says in its profile in Japanese on the micro-blogging site.
1801 GMT: Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to help victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami crisis, the latest celebrity to pledge aid, the American Red Cross says.
Other celebrities who have stepped in include Lady Gaga who raised $250,000 in 48 hours by selling red and white wristbands bearing the message "We Pray for Japan" for $5 a piece via her merchandise website.
1758 GMT: First US charter flight taking Americans out of Japan left for Taiwan four hours ago with "just under 100 people" on board: State Department.
1745 GMT: The situation at Japan's stricken nuclear plant has not worsened "significantly" over the past 24 hours, but it would be premature to talk about a ray of hope, according to an expert at the UN's atomic energy watchdog.
"At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant the situation remains very serious. But there has been no signficant worsening since yesterday," Graham Andrew, scientific and technical advisor to the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says.
Asked whether his assessment represented a small ray of hope, Andrew replies: "I think it's too early to say that. It hasn't got worse, which is positive. But it's still possible that it could get worse. So I'd rather not speculate. I think we'd say it's reasonably stable compared to yesterday."
1734 GMT: US senators call for a review of nuclear sites to test their ability to withstand attack or disasters like the one in Japan.
Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Carper deliver their appeal in a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
"We call on the NRC to conduct a comprehensive investigation of all nuclear facilities in the United States to assess their capacity to withstand catastrophic natural or man-made disasters including scenarios that may be considered remote like the recent events in Japan," they write.
"Special and immediate attention should be given to those US nuclear reactors that share similar characteristics as the failing reactors in Japan, including similar designs or located near a coastline or seismic fault line."
1722 GMT: EU nations behind the former Iron Curtain are unbowed in their support for atomic power, setting themselves apart from many of the bloc's western member states.
Eastern Europe was on the frontline of the world's worst nuclear accident, the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in what was then the Soviet Union, and many of its atomic plants pre-date the fall of the communist regimes in 1989-1991.
But regional leaders have warned that Japan's crisis must not lead to a knee-jerk reaction in the European Union, which their countries joined in 2004. Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas has denounced what he dubbed anti-nuclear "hysteria" and the country's president, Vaclav Klaus, has slammed as "political opportunism" calls for restrictions on nuclear power.
1704 GMT: US officials say there is still no concern about raised radiation levels in the United States or its territories.
This follows a day of near-panic buying of iodide pills in the United States, notably in California and Hawaii, the Pacific island state some 4,000 miles (6,500 kilometers) east of Japan.
Demand for potassium iodide, which can protect against the effects of radioactive iodine, surged on the US West Coast, where some fear a cloud spewing from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant could be blown, drug company Anbex says.
1655 GMT: Stretched Japanese authorities have asked for European Union relief to be coordinated to ease delivery to the devastated nation, Europe's aid chief Kristalina Georgieva says.
1630 GMT: The American military, which is allowing families of troops and civilian employees stationed on the main Japanese island of Honshu to leave, says most evacuees will be sent home on commercial airlines, including charter flights being secured by the US state department.
1610 GMT: Germany says it will temporarily move its embassy from Tokyo to Osaka as a "preventative measure" as fears grow that dangerous radiation could leak from the damaged nuclear reactor.
1600 GMT: The latest situation in Japan following the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear alert:
- Millions remain without water, electricity, fuel or enough food and hundreds of thousands more are homeless, the misery compounded by heavy snowfalls, freezing cold and wet conditions.
- Military helicopters and trucks have sprayed water over the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant in a bid to restore water levels in cooling ponds where spent fuel rods are stored. Plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Co says it cannot tell if the spraying was successful but efforts will continue.
- Tepco is attempting to reconnect electricity supplies so that pumps can be restarted in the plant's cooling systems.
- Countries from the United States to Europe and Australia have warned their citizens to get out of Tokyo.
- The official number of dead and missing has topped 15,000. The number of confirmed dead rose to 5,692 while the official number of missing increased to 9,522, the National Police Agency said in its latest update. A total of 2,409 people were injured in the disasters.

kena selalu ingat..

kena selalu ingat aku hebat..
kena selalu ingat aku ada kebolehan..
kena selalu ingat aku pasti berjaya..
kena selalu ingat aku istimewa..
kena selalu ingat aku pun boleh..
kena selalu ingat ada yakin..
kena selalu ingat ada org akan berminat..
kena selalu ingat penolakan perkara biasa..
kena selalu ingat org berbeza-beza..
kena selalu ingat aku akan biasa..
kena selalu ingat rezeki tak kan dtg bergolek..
kena selalu ingat aku akan bebas kewangan..
kena selalu ingat aku akan ada kereta impian..
kena selalu ingat aku akan ada rumah impian..
kena selalu ingat aku akan banyak masa bersama anak-anak..
kena selalu ingat aku positif..
kena selalu ingat aku insan yg luarbiasa..
kena selalu ingat aku sentiasa bersyukur..

tiap-tiap usaha dan doa berterusan tanpa mengira cabaran dan halangan..pasti membawa kita ke pentas kejayaan dgn izinNYA...

Jadi selalulah ingat kita di lahirkan sebagai JUARA..!!!


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